Interested in a self-hosted WordPress website?

For a limited time only, the team at Agent Know How will design and host your customized WordPress website for you.

Included in our pricing:

  • $499 one time up-front payment
  • $29.95/month thereafter, which includes web-support and lifetime hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • 5 Static Pages: About, Listings, Contact Us, One Neighborhood Page, Reviews or Blog
  • 3 Call to action buttons and corresponding landing pages.
  • 1 brain-storming session to accurately plan and carve out your niche website.
  • 3 one to one call sessions on how to push traffic to with your website.
  • 5 Web Leads Guaranteed within the first 60 days! 

Website Samples

I know what you are thinking. Why WordPress with Agent Know How, why now, why us over a z57 or another website company for real estate agents?
If you are a new real estate agent and you are just starting out your real estate career, I think it would be important or you to explore your options. I used to have an Advance Access real estate website, which is similar to the type of website provided by z57s world. I paid a ridiculous monthly fee for a website in a box. It came with templates, canned content, and no zero web leads inside of one full year of paying for a something that didn’t generate leads for me. I don’t know why I kept it as long as I did. Call me hard-headed or inexperienced, but back in 2005, I didn’t know any better.

In 2012 and after generating $30,000 per year in tangible real estate commissions via my wordpress website, I know I made the right choice in going with WordPress. Of the millions of people who use WordPress, the majority blog or generate content so that they can meet, market to, and nurture new clients relationships. That’s the nature of the real estate sales business. You need names, email addresses, and phone numbers of people interested in buying or selling real estate. You need a simple and easy way to attract them. WORDPRESS is it!

That’s our promise to you:


Here’s the HOW we do it: 

  • We will teach you how write emotional, informative, unique content and communicate effectively with your web-visitors.
  • We will teach you how to add calls to action (CTAs) to your web-content so that you can capture names, email addresses and phone numbers of people who visit your website.
  • We will teach you how to optimize your web-content for search engines.

Did we mentioned our promise to help you generate leads?

5 web leads guaranteed within the first 60 days of your site being live!

Seriously! The only way I am able to make this promise is that I know my websites deliver.

Try it now and BUY NOW before that other agent gets that web lead!