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When I have to start a conversation, an email or a text message with, “I didn’t forget about you,” I feel terrible because I know I didn’t meet my client’s expectation as to when I would deliver on my promise.

In 2013, my goal is to add time to my promises and say no to interruptions, time wasters and non-profitable business opportunities or leads. This goal, the one I set up for 2013, assumes that I know what interrupts me and what are my time wasters in my business.

Well, let’s go through what I know to be my interruptions and time wasters in my real estate business, as some of my non-productivity time might be something you encounter in your business as well.

Interruptions –

  • Non-purposeful Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn web or mobile surfing
  • Push notifications or emails from the latter social networks on my cell phone – picture Pavlov’s dog, only I am the dog salivating when my phone ping, ding or dongs me when there is a new comment on my Facebook status update or a message from someone on one of the social networks that I use to connect with both clients and friends/family.
  • Inconsistent content marketing strategies i.e. the articles that I’ve written in the past for search engine placement/rankings do not attract the type of clients I want to connect with – DOH.

Why are these interruptions causing me heart ache in my business? Usually and I am speaking only from my experience, the interruptions that I mentioned above are taking over my day to day activities. The simple solution is to time block and create/follow my income producing routine.

At this point in my career, why would I be this critical of myself openly like this? If feel like if I have this problem, I can’t be the only agent who struggles with time management. Here’s my advice from someone who is aware of what is plaguing their business and to someone who is in the process of changing their income producing habits.

“You can’t control time! You can control yourself by simply saying NO and Yes to the Right Activities or Business Opportunities.”

  • No to non-profitable clients
  • No to responding to a checking voicemail, text, or an email message during your family, prospecting, social media, blogging, showing, time.
  • No to the fear that comes from making the calls you know you need to make
  • No to putting off what you know you should do today


  • Yes to new client inquires from the web or phone – after all web lead expect an immediate response.
  • Yes to an action plan when new leads come in (add to a List, Delete, Delegate, Set a Follow-Up Appointment, etc).
  • Yes to negotiation conversations
  • Yes to daily prospecting
  • Yes to reviewing your marketing results
  • Yes to time off

Here are some tools that could help you mange your time better.

  • Workflowy – a more dynamic to do list. It simply feels good to cross of what you’ve accomplish.
  • MiFunnel Real Estate Sales and Commission Tracking App – an iphone app for tracking real estate sales, commissions and transaction details (this app releases in March). A much need app for your real time real estate sales business analytics. Easily see how many leads you generate on a daily bases; calculate quick commission scenarios.
  • MailChimp Account with an Auto-Responder Upgraded Account – As a agent, you need some time of list management software for email marketing. If your CRM system gets the job done, you may want to consider mail chimp for lead capture (forms) – and for segmenting your groups/lists.

Post By Angie Perez Real Estate Coach (90 Posts)

Ms. Perez is a Broker-Salesperson for Weichert, Realtors. She is the founder of Agent Know How & a number of other real estate websites. As an active real estate broker-salesperson in NJ and dedicated sales trainer, Ms. Perez aspires to share her expertise and to mentor new or seasoned real estate agents in the areas of business development, business planning, social media marketing & lead generation.

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4 Responses to Time Management Know How

  1. Audeliz, it can be tough to weed out non-profitable clients, some of them are so good at stringing you along. I’m also a bit guilty of putting off calls sometimes, and I stress all day about making them instead of just getting them over and done with and getting on with my day.

    • I once had a client who talked the good investor talk. When I finally meet him in person and I said that I was only allocating 20 hours to his project, he stopped calling me because when push came to shove, he wasn’t ready to put his money where his mouth was at. Weeding out non profitable clients can be taxing and very time consuming, but I have a family to feed and I owe it to myself to be a professional. My time is money. I am willing to give some of it away for free, but not all of it. I even suggested he pay me on a retainer. That’s when his wallet closed up tightly. So, I guess I can relate to you when you say some clients string you along. Be upfront and professional. You owe it to yourself and your family.

  2. Randy Bocook says:

    Time management as a real estate agent or broker is very difficult but is absolutely necessary. Great article. Best wishes for 2013