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Screen Shot of CraigslistThere’s is much debate and conflicting opinions as to whether or not Craigslist is a good place to market or prospect for buyer leads.

The following post is about the Craigslist Two Step Lead Generation Real Estate Marketing Tactic otherwise known as the Craigslist Redirect. You don’t need a Craigslist Guide to help you do what I am about to describe to you for free. Although, if you want a Craigslist guide, please read and use Cracking the Craigslist Code.

The real estate marketing tactic requires a listing, some tools, and consistent and massive follow-up by you i.e. other systems that will keep you top of mind with the suspect or prospects that enter your marketing funnel. That’s it.

It’s not that complicated. In fact, I see real estate agents on-line swearing by and swearing at Craigslist. The agents who swear by Craigslist, do the 2 step dance on a daily if not a weekly basis.

Here Are the Tools You Will Need:

  • Website (I use a self-hosted WordPress site built on the pagelines theme).
  • IDXbroker or some other IDX program that forces registration after X number of page views. (You decide how much information the buyers sees before they have to sign-up).
  • Your Systematic Follow-Up Program

I use:

WordPress, self-hosted with IDXbroker. The first part of the Craigslist 2 step lead generation strategy is to post about several “marketable” listings on a daily basis between 7-9 a.m. for the morning crowd; 12-3p.m. for the lunch crowd, 4-6p.m. for the dinner crowd and 8-11p. for the after hours crowd. Basically when I am not with client or on an appointments, I am using CL posting ads. When it becomes too tedious of a task and not the best use of your time, off shore the activity or make your administrative or virtual assistant complete this task.

Sample Craigslist Ad

Very little information in the ad, but a redirect link to my website

In my CL ads, I give very little information about the house, but leave a link in the ad to where the potential buyer can get full information on the house. This is the redirect link. After 2 page-views, the client visiting my website for the first time is asked to sign up for an property saver account, giving them the option to save idx listings from MLS.

Idx Broker Sign Up Form

Web form that pops up after two page views. You can control this setting in your IDX Broker Account

IDXBroker is programed to email you the buyer’s name, address, phone number and the last listing the user looked at when she or she signed up. This is important information as it is a good conversation starter.

“Dear Mr. Or Mrs. Buyer. I happened to be online at the same time as when you created your account on my website. I see that you like listing xyz. What was it about this listing that attracted you? From my mls, I see that there are a few other homes for sale that are like listing 123. Can I email them to you now?”

Here are a few tips when writing your Craigslist Ad that are guaranteed to get you traffic and sign ups.

Here are some of the elements to include in the description section of your Craigslist Ad.

 Open House Announcement ( if applicable)

 Mix and Match Ads. Use Specific address of property one one but not another.

 2 or 3 bullet points (key features) about property

 Contact information

 Personal slogan to “brand” yourself as an expert

 Call to Action

 Link to your website

 School district

 Keyword Tags

 Maybe a 2nd link to help build a list of buyers or sellers

 Add a Tracking Code and use an anonymous email address to prevent spam

Sample Craigslist Ad No Input Fields of Price and Bedrooms

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