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Several days ago, I blogged about the fire next door. Do you remember that blog entry? I updated the post with some pictures of the fire and a link to the news article in my local patch where you can listen to 911 calls from that morning. I didn’t know 911 calls can be made public! In any case, this unfortunate experience was a teachable moment for me on multiple levels. It’s also now a part of my sales tool kit. What do I mean by that? Well, I use this personal experience, the one about fire next door, with one of my favorite closing techniques:

I call it the God Forbid close.

It goes something like this. Imagine that a client is presented with a home protection plan or some other warranty like product, which we often recommend for our buyers and sellers to buy. Your client doesn’t want to pull the trigger and spend the money. This might be a good time to pull out the ole God Forbid close if they hesitate.

“Mr. And Mrs. Anxious Buyer, I know that you absolutely love house xyz. I see that based on your reaction. I highly recommend that you compliment your home purchase with a home protection plan. Being that you are first time home buyers, I’d like to see you fully protected during that critical first year. I see that you’re a little bit hesitant on taking my advice. God Forbid that older furnace breaks down…what will you do then? You mentioned that you might buy the home protection plan later. I thought the same thing about condo insurance and 6 years later, the fire next door almost made me regret not making the same decision you are face with today. In my case, I should have decided to buy condo insurance; on your case, it’s home protection. Don’t make the same mistake I did.”

It’s kind of natural for clients to hem and haw, especially when money is on the line. There are a lot of different closing techniques sales people like you and me use to influence our clients decisions. References to religion can be a mixed bag. Some people will respond to religious references and others will be offended. In my experience, refering to religion works on the semi-religious people who understand the meaning of idioms like: God Forbid.

I don’t use the God Forbid close often, but I have in certain cases where I have a previous social relationship or some history with the client. You will know when to use the God Forbid close or other closing techniques in general if you actively look for visual and verbal cues regarding how your clients make decisions. Observe your clients and pay close attention to their body language when they openly talk you or to each other in your presence.

The difference between a good sales people and a great ones is great sales people file and use experiences/closing techniques like the God Forbid close regularly.

The best way to sound persuasive and confident is to practice your closing techniques and dialogues. When you use personal anecdotes like the one I gave above, you are well on your way to becoming a master-salesperson.

Try these examples in your real estate business:

  • God Forbid you don’t buy condo insurance now and there’s a fire next door?
  • God Forbid you don’t accept this offer today and our highest paying buyer buys another home?
  • God Forbid you don’t increase your offer today and your dream home is sold tomorrow?
  • God Forbid we don’t make this minor repair and the buyer cancels our contract?
  • God Forbid you start your offer too low and the seller is offended?

Do you get my point? If you enjoy this training minute and want to receive these mini-trainings via email, sign up today! Until next time, be productive and take care!

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