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I’ve been working on my NJ Real Estate agent website, njretoday.com for at least 3-4 years now and it’s still not where I want it to be, but there are a few pages within my website that I absolutely love and I am about to share with you what I did on the back end and which WordPress plugins and other apps or programs I am currently utilizing to get the results I want.

I built my website on wordpress.org and it is self-hosted with bluehost. Just FYI in case you were wondering.

Just recently my business ventured into the rental market. I was adamantly against doing rentals showings and listings as if it was somehow beneath me, but then when all of the opt time calls – yes, I am an agent that likes to sit the opportunity time desk – were rental clients, how could I say no to FAST CASH?

Working the rental market, in my opinion, only makes sense, when you streamline the the per-qualification process. Of course, again I am in NJ. The rental market is traditionally secondary to residential resale, whereas if you are in a larger city, perhaps marketing and showing rentals is a primary sales activity in your market area. Either way, what I did on this web page of my website should provide you with an insight to my online lead generating methods.

The Agent Know How real estate lead generation methodology explained. All you need is a WordPress website, 2 WordPress plugins and a web form!

When I built this page (http://www.njretoday.com/rent/) on my website, I wanted it to do three things for me:

  • 1. Inform
  • 2. Get the potential rental clients to download the lease application and credit authorization form
  • 3. Showcase my rental listings


Informing was the easy part. I used my ipad, recorded a video at the office, no separate mic or good lighting, but short and engaging video nonetheless. I hosted the video on YouTube and used the embed code from YouTube to bring the video back to my website.

Next, I download a WordPress plugin called table press and the rental listings that I acquired from calls or from my past investor clients, I would fill out the details of each listing within my table as they came in. The rows are linked to my IDX portion of my website so that if you click on a row within the table, you will be redirected to the listing. My IDX is set up so that after two page views, the user has to sign up or go back to the for rent page to either download the lease application for submit it online.

The submit the application online is where the magic happens. Using Jot Forms, which is a web form builder tool, I recreated my company’s lease application, only I added a few per-qualification questions of my own like:

  • How many people occupying the home?
  • Number of pets, size(s) and breed(s)?
  • Are you willing to pay a realty fee? Split fee? Or landlord must pay fee?
  • Provide two references, one from work and one personal.
  • Are you aware of your middle credit score? If your credit score rating is poor, please explain why?

Then Imagine this: On Craigslist, Trulia and Zillow, I would then physically enter my rental listings into all three sites. Within those ads, I would redirect people to this landing page- rent on njretoday.com – and if the client filled out all of my paperwork, that to me was a hot lead. Of course some people just wanted to see the apartment, but at the very least I would then go to my page and fill out the information as I spoke to them over the phone.

Here’s what I am using in case you want to check out the same plugins for yourself:

  • For clients to download the lease application where they at least share their email address with me I use:SS Downloads – this is a good plugin if you just have one download to give. It’s not an authorization to add the client to an auto email drip campaign, so don’t abuse the emails that come in. You have to know a little bit about of short codes and have to be able to upload whatever you want to give away to your wp site – which is I think most people know how to do that. The only drawback is that it doesn’t alert you when someone downloads the giveaway, which is my case is the lease application. SO, you have to check your web site on the back-end often because it will show you what email address have requested the information.

    The short code you have to use would look something like this:

    [SSdownload file=”filename.txt” title=”title”] and the image that it generates is one like this one:


    I am not married to this plugin. There might be better WordPress Plugins out there, but it gets the job done and it may still be free if you’d like to use it. I am also open to suggestions if you use something else.

    To create the feature rentals listing table that you see on the web page I referenced above, I used Table Press. If you have used excel in the past, this one is easy to figure out.

    For them to submit their application online, I created my web-form using jotform. You can use any form builder tool that you like. I found jot form to be the easiest for me.

    Well, I hope that gets your mental juices going. If you enjoyed this blog post or have questions about web marketing, lead capture and internet lead generation, visit http://www.agentknowhow.com. Click on Free Know How tab. Until next time, keep prospecting!

    P.S. Mifunnel app release is scheduled for mid to late March. For those of you with an iPhone and want an easier way to keep count and track your commissions, you’re going to love our app. Check that out at http://www.mifunnel.com and Sign Up for updates on App Release!


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