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Say it with me, “Pictures are worth a thousand . . . .DOLLARS,” not words silly! I just spent the better half of my evening not watching television as I often like to do after a long, stressful day. Instead, I have been thinking about niche marketing, video and more specifically infographics.
I created this info-grpahic for my b2b mobile app development business. Yes, I developed an iphone app called MiFunnel for commission tracking and yes, I am venturing into app development for other agents. 
Info-Graphic Example
But I sell real estate just like you and I am realizing that sometimes buyers and sellers become in·dif·fer·ent or de·sen·si·tize to our marketing messages, which forces us as agents to me more creative in the ways in which we attract clients.
I am a big fan of info graphics and part of my research this evening was to find an online platform to create an info graphic like the one you see above. I stumbled upon several free online info graphic builders. Piktochart was by far one of the most userfriendly info-graphic maker. It took some getting use to in terms of where to move things about on the screen, which they call canvas, but it is very much like using MS Word where you can cut, copy, insert and paste text and images. 
I would recommend creating a neighborhood piktochart of recent trends in your market area. You see, buyers and sellers are more likely to pay attention, ask for more information on infographic topic or make contact when the information you share with them is visual, emotion, real, and easy to understand. 
Instead of saying now is the best time to buy, think about how you would say it with image and data. Good marketing makes a connection and is memorable. Be MEMORABLE! 
Bookmark this websites if you are interested in making an info graphic:

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