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MLS on iPad
For many months now and quite possibly for the past year, I have been trying to figure out how to access my MLS, which utilizes MLXchange, on my iPad.

As you may already know, MLXchange is not Safari or iPad friendly. Momentarily, I have been getting by and accessing my MLS from my iPad using the following apps and workarounds.

First Workaround:

I downloaded an app called LogMeIn, which as the name suggests, it is designed to remotely access your desktop or another device to be able to operate in an windows 7 environment. On occasion, I have left my desktop at home turned on and using the LogMeIn app, I would connect to my home pc and browse my MLS on MLXchange through the app. It was a solid workaround. I was able to perform full searches and get listing reports, but I hated the experience. The screen was too small and I had difficulty navigating MLS from the LogMeIn iPad viewer. So, this was a good solution for short searches. After about 5-10 minutes of using this workaround, I would get annoyed by the experience and log off.  Good temporary solution, but if you need something a little bit more permanent, you may want to try some of the other suggestions below. LogMeIn is a free app and is very useful in other ways. I suggest downloading it as a back-up and continue reading on for other workarounds.

Second Workaround:

I download an app called OnLive Desktop. This app allows me to work in a full Windows 7 environment, including being able to access Internet Explorer, which is critical when attempting to access MLXchange. The OnLive app was free to download, but if you want to operate IE, you will have to pay an additional $5.00 per month, no contract. The beauty of this app is it comes with 2 GB of secured, free cloud storage and it has the ability to create/access/edit/save changes to Word, Excel, PowerPoint® files saved within the OnLive cloud. Sweet! This is perfect for the person that has not transition to MAC products, like keynote, pages, etc and for the person that is accustomed to Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Third Workaround:

Fusion MLS and Puffin. MLXchange is phasing out and moving to CoreLogic’s Fusion MLS, which is a fast, fun, and an easy to use MLS interface, an interface that emphasizes multi-tasking, agent/client collaboration, and system personalization. Puffin is a free mobile app web browser that allows flash browsing. Using Fusion’s MLS login link for my MLS (msx.fusionmls.com) and using the puffin browser, you can access most of the functions of MLXchange. The Puffin app has two versions. One version offers you a 14 day free trial of flash enable browsing and the other version is a paid version at $2.99 for unlimited lifetime flash (MLS) browsing. This one is a solid soltuion. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done. Load time and usability depends on your IPS and the actual device you are using to access the MLS.

Fourth Workaround:

Kurio Mobile MLSKurio. I signed up for Kurio just this past month and this web-based app allows you to search property listings, view property details including price, square footage, REALTOR® and public remarks and showing instructions. Also, it allows you to email a property flyer to your client and instantly connect with the listing agent if necessary, which is UBER important when you are on the road, with a hot buyer lead. This is by far my favorite work around, specifically for property search and access to showing instructions of listings on the road. It is by far an most expensive solution of the 4 ways to access MLS on the ipad because it has an on-going quarterly fee. I believed I paid $30 for usage until June 2013. Kurio is not a utility per say because you can not add, edit or update listings. To use the iPad as a utility to update/edit/delete listings, I find that work around number 3 listed above is best.

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