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money-iconYesterday, I posted my first blog post on Active Rain. Of course it was a plug for people to read about and contribute to my software project. I thought I was going to get slammed by the agents on that network. Afterall, I was self-promoting first and not providing anything of value, which the action of promoting first in an online setting is suppose to be a no-no. But, the good news is: on AR everyone self-promotes! So, I was in good company.

In any case, I am going to spend some time on AR over the next 30 days. Why? Well, the reality is I may have overfished the Facebook pond and now I need to cast a line into a fresh stream to catch new fish, uh, I mean opportunities (leads).

There are two things that I am absolutely good at. The first thing is, I absolutely rock buyer’s agency. I can take a home buyer on a showing appointment and get them uber excited about buying a home on the first day and after 3 showings. I do this well because I preview, eliminate, and get the skinny on different properties before I go on the first showing appointment. Plus, I have the patience for the search process, the time in my schedule to be flexible and the knowledge or understanding that buyers are needy.

In fact, I think of a home buyer’s neediness in these terms. If you follow me on Facebook, you should know that I have a dog. I talk about her in almost every chance I get. She’s my fur baby. Anyways, Roxy loves to lick my face when I come home after work. For a while, I use to twist, turn, slide away, ignore and discourage her wet kisses. But now I roll into the lick and hug her first. I do the same thing with my home buyers (weird analogy, I know but stick with me). I embrace home buyers and go emotionally all in at the height of their home buying excitement. But I don’t forget the dollar and cents of it all. I put my business thinking cap on at the same time and choose my clients wisely (most of the time).

For example, when I meet with a new soon to me home owner for the first time, I immediately ask myself:  
• A. How much house can he/she/they can afford and when are they likely to close?
• B. How many hours I would have to dedicate to he/her/them in order to procure a sale? I am averaging 28-40 hours over the course of 30-90 days.
• C. When they do buy, how much money am I making from the sale? Is there any referral potential?

Then and only then do I decide to work with the client. Boom, this is what I do well where other real estate agents struggle or hate working with buyers. So, my goal on Active Rain is going to be writing interesting content, like what I am doing now – it must be interesting if you are still reading it, right? Well, I have to get the agents on that network to like me and refer me naturally. I may have to pay referral fees, but so what! We all pay for leads either with our time or on the back end. I rather have three more closings this year than zilch.

So, here’s my not so strange question: what’s your strategy? What are you going to do to get people to refer you business over the next 30 days? Email us your ideas. We might be able to help you. Oh and in case you are wondering, you can watch the score board on Agent Know How.

The game is on. Angie Perez 0, AR 1.

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Ms. Perez is a Broker-Salesperson for Weichert, Realtors. She is the founder of Agent Know How & a number of other real estate websites. As an active real estate broker-salesperson in NJ and dedicated sales trainer, Ms. Perez aspires to share her expertise and to mentor new or seasoned real estate agents in the areas of business development, business planning, social media marketing & lead generation.

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    Hi, my name is mandy and i am very interested in becoming a real estate agent but i don’t know where to start?