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Yesterday, I was invited to a success seminar by a new Facebook friend, someone whom I met up with recently. I paused and thought about going to the success seminar, but the realization that attending the the event would be a distraction in disguised, hit me seconds later and I politely said no.

There are hundreds if not thousands of free seminars, webinars, opportunities daily that are laced with dubious up sells. I attended some of these programs in the past for networking purposes, assuming it was an in-person event, and to find that golden nugget, that one morsel of free information that would take my business or personal life to the next level. Notice I did not say I attended the event because I wanted the up sell, but that’s a blog post for another day.

In any event, I have a problem. I am addicted to success. Some people might think there are worse things to be addicted to, but too much of any one thing is never a good thing, right?

So, how to you deal with or manage your a success addiction?

1. Ask Better Questions Before You Make Decision On Where To Spend Your Time and Just Say No!

Moving forward, when I am invited to something with an up sell, I will ask myself:

  • Is it worth my time?
  • What do I want to accomplish by attending said event or what do I hope to learn?
  • Do I have room for it in my schedule?
  • Can I afford the up sell?
  • Do I even want to be tempted by the up sell?
  • Will the up sell be something that would resolve a problem in my business?
  • What did I learn while at the event?
  • How will I use the information or tool in my business?

2. Saying no is just as powerful as saying yes. Some of these free seminars, webinars, events are distractions in disguise and personally my time will be better spent sticking to my schedule, my proven business plan. But for someone like me, someone who is addicted to success, I use to find it hard to say no.

No was a word that I equated to a lost opportunity, failure, rejection. This is flawed thinking. I realized that now. And now I feel great about saying no, especially when I am in “the zone,” a frame of mind focused on one task, one outcome.

Moving forward, I will set aside three 20 minute sets of my day for “down time” or distraction time kind of like recess of ole. Three 20 minute sets may not be enough to satisfy my mind, body and spirit, but it’s what I can afford.

If I can kick my success addiction with simple questions, just saying no and structured time for other stuff, I am sure you can to. Besides all theory and no time for implemenation is hardly ever a good business model.

3. Think hard, learn hard, but implement smarter with 3 ts: time, testing, and tweaking.

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