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What’s in your marketing arsenal for 2014? Every year, the speed of advancements in technology make it possible for people – clients, buyers, sellers, all customers in general – the opportunity to consumer more VIDEO.

As a agent, REALTOR, it’s my belief that you absolutely need the following 5 video spots. These are really easy to record and edit with a number of free tools. Check out the examples:

1: Realtor Selfie – All About You! That should be fairly easy. Focus on who, what, when, where, why your specialties, vision, commitment, etc.

2. Neighborhood –  Parks, bars, stores, walking paths, town center,
your office, restaurants, etc.


3. Homes – more than just a virtual tour – imagine living in this home.

  • Cook in this gourmet kitchen
  • Stuff this pantry with snacks
  • BBQ in the yard
  • Soak in this hot tub
  • Have a cup of your morning Joe from the patio overlooking the woods

4. Topical Evergreen Information

That which you repeat to multiple clients the same way a thousand times. Record it on video and email to clients before they inquire. Think of FAQs for topics.


5. Social Proof your testimonials, successes, awards.

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Ms. Perez is a Broker-Salesperson for Weichert, Realtors. She is the founder of Agent Know How & a number of other real estate websites. As an active real estate broker-salesperson in NJ and dedicated sales trainer, Ms. Perez aspires to share her expertise and to mentor new or seasoned real estate agents in the areas of business development, business planning, social media marketing & lead generation.

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