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If you are reading this blog post, it is because you showed interests in participating in Angie’s aka @AgentKnowHow 30 Days Listing Challenge

Yesterday was the first day. If you made a commitment to join the challenge, I bet you were thinking you should have reached out to homeowners in your area, FSBOs, expired listings, and the likes. We will get to that, but first I want you to participate in what I call an awareness exercise.

What do I mean about AWARENESS? Allow me to demonstrate it for you.

I’ve been thinking about who I want to contact and why; what distractions I experience on a daily basis that prevent me from achieving my goals; and more importantly, why the hell am I I still doing this crazy business day in and day out after 8 bumpy years?

Stress Business ManYou see, I’ve been doing all of this thinking, trapped inside my head and not acting at all. Now mind you, I run a fairly successful real estate business, but there are months were I don’t feel all that successful or great about my income or my production. Those are usually the months that make me want to quit. It’s true. Even I flirt with the idea of getting a “real job” but rather than quitting, I remind myself of my goals I hope to achieve and what satisfies me about the business.

Sometimes, I focus on that hug that I exchanged with my client from a recent closing who truly appreciated the 40+ hours I spent negotiating a better deal for them. And on the hardest of day, I remember what I hated most about being in self-contained classroom and the freedoms I experience during the day as an agent. Thinking where I’ve been, what I have left to achieve and where I want to go in my life is my form of mental yoga. It’s also what I call my awareness exercise.

I am acutely aware of what I want from my business and clients because I practice visualization. As my softball coach use to say, “See it before it happens.”

So, here you are: all in for 30 days, but are you really all in? If left to your own devices, are you actively “prospecting for” – “helping” sellers? How many people did you ask if they wanted to sell their home yesterday? How many new real estate conversations did you attempt to start yesterday?

If the answer is none, zero, close to none, then you are not alone. The good news is you’re self-aware. You know what you have to do. The trick is getting you to do “it” on a consistent basis that when the going gets tough, you won’t feel like quitting; you won’t feel like reducing your commission, going referral, taking a hiatus from the business, etc.

What’s the IT that I am talking about? It’s not prospecting. NOPE! I want you to erase that word, the P word, from your vocabulary. I want you to replace it with HELP, HELPING.

The IT that we do as agents, brokers and REALTORs is to HELP people.

That’s what I want you to do on a consistent basis: help people. So, the next time you sit down at your desk, I want you to think about who you are going to help next?

When you approach the business from a humble place, with sincerity, with help in your mind, it’s much easier to deal with sellers who aren’t ready for your help.

Confessional Approaching a home seller that has no idea who you are or a home seller that may not even want to talk to you kind of reminds me of being in a confessional. In my confessional box back home, there is this thin barrier, a grid, between me and my priest. I can see some of him through the tiny holes that pear through a lattice that separates me from him, but I can’t see all of him.

Some home sellers hide behind the grid in some cases like in a confessional because they are not ready to trust or to ask for help.

That’s my task over the next 30 days is to teach you how to see the seller behind the grid and how to harness the energy, the passion you have for the business to change the way you feel about the business in a moment’s notice.

I am going to teach you my tactics, my strategies and show you what I do to help more people in real estate.
Most of these tactics I use I tested on the buying side of the business.

And you are going to watch me fumble as I test my theory on sellers.

I hope you are strapped in and fully committed because as I fumble, I need you to catch me before I fall.

I ready. Are you? I have a game plan and that’s going to be in tomorrow’s evening email. As I share my story, don’t be shy. Share your story with me.

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Ms. Perez is a Broker-Salesperson for Weichert, Realtors. She is the founder of Agent Know How & a number of other real estate websites. As an active real estate broker-salesperson in NJ and dedicated sales trainer, Ms. Perez aspires to share her expertise and to mentor new or seasoned real estate agents in the areas of business development, business planning, social media marketing & lead generation.

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